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Best Instant Shipping Tips

Choose the right box —

Use a box that's strong enough to protect the contents and large enough to leave space for adequate cushioning. New boxes are best, but if you choose a previously used box, make sure you remove old shipping labels, and make sure the box is in good shape with no weak spots or cracks. Old or new, make sure the box is made of heavy corrugated cardboard. Corrugated Cardboard: If you can not find a box to pack your freight, use corrugated cardboard to wrap your item on top, bottom, and all sides making sure that all of the freight is totally covered.



Protect and Pack —


Don't skimp on cushioning material! Pack items tightly to avoid shifting, and make sure the cushioning material covers all sides of the object. If you're shipping several items together, wrap each one separately and provide enough cushioning to prevent movement. You can never have too much cushioning! Seal Carefully: After packing, gently shake the box. If nothing moves, it's ready to be sealed for Shipping. For a strong seal,always use packing tape that is designed for shipping. Make sure to Cover all seams with tape, and be sure not to leave any open areas which could snag.



Address Correctly —



Use the BOL as the address label on each box or hand write a label with the name and address of the recipient.



Choose the right Crate —


This is a crate made with a pallet or wood being the base, and having a wood frame all the way around the base. Corrugated cardboard should be attached to the sides and to the top to completely cover the freight.



Wooden Crate —



This is a completely enclosed crate totally made out of wood. The top, bottom and all sides should be made of wood or a wood substance.



Palletizing your Shipment —


If you are using a pallet make sure that your freight is properly secured to the pallet. In some cases the carriers want items on a pallet to also be covered in shrink wrap or corrugated cardboard. This is also a protection factor for your freight and will give you peace of mind.



Shipping Insurance —


We continually monitor and validate every one of our carrier's safety ratings, insurance coverage, and credentials. We only use carriers that are fully licensed and insured, but remember all used items fall under the national motor freight council guidelines of only 10 cents per pound maximum carrier coverage. So, you may also want to find additional cargo insurance. You may want to check with your home or business insurance provider, as they may offer freight insurance coverage. Freight insurance is also available under the insurance listings of your local yellow pages.


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We'll search different carriers to secure you the fastest service at the lowest rate for your specific shipment and get the very best deal possible for you.


We'll search different carriers to secure you the fastest service at the lowest rate for your specific shipment.

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